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Now Introducing the new "Champ Camp" program for children!  
Monday & Wednesday @ 5:30pm
555 Whitehall Street SW
Ages 11-16
$125 + $35 Registration Fee!

Ages 6 - 10
Please call or text
$235 + $35 Registration Fee!

"Champ Camp" presented by Kids Corner

Thank you for your interest in Sweatshop Boxing and Fitness. Located in the Castleberry Hills area of Atlanta Sweatshop Boxing and Fitness dedicated to serving the community through boxing, fitness & outreach.  Our goal is not to re-invent the wheel, but to customize it to suit your goals and needs!

"Champ Camp" Classes

  • Boxing

  • Fitness

  • Confidence

  • Self - Defense

Our kid's program is dedicated to keeping our youth in shape and focused.  Boxing is one of the best workouts out there.  A boxer has to move, throw punches, think and then move some more for 6 – 12 three-minute rounds with only a 30 seconds rest period in between.  Your child will learn the basics of boxing & begin a strong foundation for self-defense! 

Although your child may not have dreams of being a contender, the fitness & conditioning is unparalleled and the discipline is so necessary! Let’s keep our children active.  Contact us for info on pricing.

*Gloves & Hand Wraps Included In Registration fee!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Taiye Samuel
“Resident Optimist”

Sweat Shop Boxing & Fitness



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